Eternity on the Mediterranean: Rowan Ricardo Phillips on Spain’s Costa Brava” (The New York Times)

“The Antiguans” (Farrar, Straus and Giroux: Work-in-Progress)

“They Think They Know You, Lionel Messi” (The Paris Review)

"A Tale of Two Cities" (A poem commissioned by Travel + Leisure to accompany images by photographer Franck Bohbot)

"Violins" (Originally published in Poetry, selected as the Poem of the Day at the website of Poetry Daily, part of the Poetry Out Loud curriculum)

"Vall de Núria" (Featured in The New York Times Magazine)

"Purple Elegy" (Originally published in The Paris Review)

"Ghost Protocol" [Photographs by Sheila Metzner] (Grey Magazine)

"The First Last Light in the Sky" (Originally published in The Common)

"Bernardo" and "Vall de Núria" (Originally published in The Literary Review)

"Measure for Measure" (Originally published in The New Yorker)

"Boys" (Originally published in The New Republic)

"The Beatitudes of Malibu" (Originally published in Poetry Magazine)

"Little Song" (Originally published in Poetry Magazine)

"Kingdom Come" (Originally published in The Paris Review)

"The Odyssey, Book 11: ll. 538-556" (Originally published as the Poem of the Day of the Academy of American Poets website)

"On Notions of Innovation and Originality" (For FSG’s Work in Progress series)

"Skyscrapers and Everything" (An essay on Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City” for The Paris Review)